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Things to do in Union County

The Park Apartments sit right outside of New York City in Union County, NJ. This county is filled with history, convenience, and plenty of things to do — making it a great place to live.

Spend your weekends touring historical properties like the Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Liberty Hall Museum, and the Deacon Andrew Hetfield House.

Get out into nature in the numerous Union County Parks that are scattered throughout the county’s landscape.

Take your kids or relive your youth at the Bowcraft Amusement Park, complete with swings, bumper cars and a swinging pirate ship.

Keep your activities close to home by staying at The Park to use its endless amounts of amenities. Swim in the pool, use the game room, watch a movie in the movie theater, or take a walk across the expansive green space with walking trails.

Whatever you choose to do, Union County, NJ is the place to be. Move to The Park to see what you are missing out on in Roselle, NJ.

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