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Union County Farmer’s Markets You Need to Visit

The Park’s central location in Union County makes it easy to enjoy the freshest veggies, fruits and handmade goods at a plethora of local farmer’s markets. Head to one of these markets for family fun and delicious local fare.

Green Farmer’s Market

Green Farmer’s Market, previously known as Times Farmer’s Market, is a Plainfield favorite. The best part? It’s open seven days a week. Instead of offering from a variety of vendors, Green Farmer’s Market is a permanent fixture that specializes in organic and fresh food. This market is a 23 minute drive from The Park.

Green Olive Market

Green Olive Market is another everyday farmer’s market in Union County. Pick up handmade salads, prepared foods, deli items and so much more at this one-stop shop. Green Olive Market is a 24 minute drive from The Park.

Summit Farmer’s Market

Summit Farmer’s Market offers everything from Jersey-made Polish food to soap, herbs and coffee. Come out for one of the Sunday Funday events with a salsa making contest in September and pumpkin painting in October. Check the website for events and times. Summit Farmer’s Market is a 20 minute drive from The Park.

What are you waiting for? Head to one of these farmer’s markets for the freshest produce in the tri-state area. For more information on life in Union County, contact us today or schedule a tour at The Park.

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