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  • Decorate Your Home For Spring at The Park

    13 Apr 2018

    Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to freshen up your decor at The Park. You don’t need to completely redesign your home to keep it seasonal. Decorate your home for spring effortlessly with these simple trends.

    Spring Flowers and Plants

    Fresh cut flowers or flowering houseplants can drastically brighten up a room. For a cheerful kitchen, cluster together a vase full of daisies or daffodils. Or create a softer spring look with fresh carnations and hydrangeas. Looking for longer lasting flowers? African violets, peace lilies, and Kalanchoe are great indoor blooming plants that can last throughout the season.

    Springtime Scents

    The easiest way to bring spring into your entire home is through fresh and floral fragrances. You’ll find a variety of lavender and citrus scents available this spring. Customize each room with candles, fragrance oils, soaps, sprays, or potpourri to get the right look and smell.

    Pastels and Florals

    Enhance your living space by incorporating floral or pastel pillows, rugs, and throws. For a springtime feel in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, switch out towels and linens with floral patterns or pastels to add a pop of color. Don’t forget about your walls. Spruce them up by hanging colorful frames with fun, floral images.


    For a natural home decor look this spring, get creative with baskets. Change out drawers with baskets as a clean way to store or hide clutter. You can also set them on shelves and mantels or stand alone in a room. Why not combine two trends in one. Use a basket as a pot for your spring flowers and plants.

    How will you decorate your home for spring at The Park? We hope you feel inspired and add your own style to these colorful trends.

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