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  • 4 Plants to Buy For Your Home at The Park

    16 Mar 2018

    Looking for a way to up your interior design theme at your home at The Park? A quick, simple and fuss-free solution is adding plants to your home. Adding greenery to your home can improve air quality and reduce stress, according to experts. Here’s how you can decorate with plants in your apartment home at The Park.

    Snake Plant

    The Snake Plant is one of the toughest indoor plants out there. It’s a succulent and has uniquely patterned, pointy leaves which make it the perfect statement piece for your living room at The Park. You can keep your snake plant in a pot and make sure that the soil dries out before watering again. For those who struggle with having a green thumb, this is a good starter option as it can deal with neglect for weeks and still look beautiful.


    Aloe makes a great house plant to have around for several reasons. It’s known for producing the wonderfully healing aloe vera gel that’s great to use on cuts and burns. Aloe is also a low maintenance plant that can go several weeks between waterings.


    Pothos is a fast-growing potted plant that has dramatic variegated leaves that will look lovely tumbling down furniture. It’s bright green leaves and low maintenance care routine make it a great addition to your bedroom.

    Rabbit’s Ear

    Looking for something to suit your unique style? Rabbit’s Ear may be the plant for you. It’s leaves are hairy and dull green in color. It’s hairy leaves help prevent water loss which makes it a easy-to-care for option.

    Which plants will you buy for your apartment home at The Park? Get ready to brighten up your home today with these natural decorators and air cleaners. Welcome to plant parenthood.

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