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  • How to Reduce Your Energy Costs at The Park This Winter

    14 Dec 2018

    Don’t spend more money to stay warm this winter. Reduce your energy costs at The Park with these small adjustments. You’ll be able to stop sacrificing your warmth to save money.

    Control Your Heat

    Every home at The Park includes energy efficient heat, which helps save you money, but there are still other additional ways to save. Keep your thermostat set low when you’re away during the day and while you sleep at night. Sleeping in cooler temperatures can even help you sleep better. But the next tip can help you stay warm at night even when the thermostat is set low.

    Bundle Up

    Grab everything cozy and use it to bundle up. Fuzzy socks, slippers, sweatshirts and blankets make a cool space a lot warmer and enjoyable. For nighttime warmth, change your sheets to flannels or add more blankets to cuddle up with.

    Use LED Lighting

    Decorating for the holidays? Purchase LED lights to avoid a spike in your energy costs at The Park. LED lights are great for everyday use and can save you money all year long.

    Add Moisture to Your Apartment

    Create your own warmth by adding moisture to the air. House plants are an energy and cost efficient way to create humidity. You can also purchase a humidifier to increase moisture when your heat is running. Humidifiers also help with dry skin and other negative health effects of winter.

    When you follow these tips for reducing energy costs at The Park you can stay warm and cozy this winter. Grab a warm cup of tea, a blanket and enjoy being in your home at The Park. Happy saving!