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  • Decorate For Fall at The Park With These DIY Projects

    19 Oct 2018

    For many, fall is their favorite time of year. We get why! There’s so much to do and it’s easy to get creative when it comes to fall decor. Instead of buying your decor, why not try some of these DIY projects as you decorate for fall at The Park. Some of the most simple designs can enhance a room.

    Toilet Paper Pumpkins

    It seems a bit funny to use toilet paper for decoration but the end product is too cute. All you need is some orange fabric, cinnamon sticks and faux leaves. Wrap the unused toilet paper roll with the fabric, stuff a few cinnamon sticks in the middle and add a couple leaves. There you have it, a cute little pumpkin. Find all of the instructions at Smart School House.

    Candy Corn Button Art

    This fall-themed art piece will add texture, color and fun to your home. You’ll need a picture frame, burlap for the backing, Mod Podge, hot glue, paint and buttons in various sizes. Since it’s candy corn, you’ll want orange, yellow and white paint and buttons. Use these step-by-step instructions from Repeat Crafter Me.

    Paper Cone Gratitude Wreath

    Who knew paper could look so good! This festive wreath is made of brown and white construction paper and stalks of wheat. Line a metal wreath base with a layer of large paper cones and wheat. Then add a layer of small cones and wheat. Glue little gold balls around the inner circle and you’ve created a beautiful, classic looking wreath. More detailed instructions can be found at Woman’s Day.

    Fall decor doesn’t have to be elaborate to look elegant. We hope you give these DIY projects a try when you’re decorating for fall at The Park. Share with us your finished projects by tagging The Park on social media!