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  • Keep Your Pets Cool at The Park This Summer

    17 Aug 2018

    This summer has been a hot one. Are you taking all the steps necessary to keep your pets cool at The Park? Here are some fast and easy tips to making sure your pet stays cool inside and outside at The Park this summer.

    Exercising Pets at The Park

    Heat exhaustion, dehydration, heatstroke and sunburns can happen to your pets. When you’re outdoors on the 3.5 miles of walking and fitness trails around The Park don’t forget to take water breaks. Several of them!

    There’s a lot for your four-legged friend to explore but hydrating is extremely important on a hot day. The trail paths can get hot, especially for puppy paws. Stay in shaded areas and take walks early in the day or late evening to avoid the hottest times.

    If your schedule only allows you time outdoors during peak heat hours, use The Park’s dog run area. This grassy area allows your dog to run around without a leash. Be sure to bring plenty of water and shorten the amount of outdoor activity in the heat of the day.

    Spa Time at The Park

    Head to The Park’s pet spa to cool off your dog. Just like humans, water helps dogs regulate their body temperature. After a day in the sun, spray off your pup in one of the spa tubs to cool off.

    Proper grooming can also keep your pets cool at The Park. For both cats and dogs, you want to keep the hair trimmed but not shaved. Shaving your pet can increase sunburns and overheating due to losing a protective layer of fur. The best way to keep your pet cool is by brushing their fur more often to loosen any excess layers that may cause them to overheat.

    Indoor Best Practices at The Park

    Hydrating your pet inside your apartment at The Park after being in the sun is important. Be sure to keep their water bowl filled throughout the day. Adding ice cubes are a quick fix on an especially warm day. We also recommend moving your pet’s crate near an air vent to maintain cool air and circulation while you’re away.

    Don’t let the summer heat stop you from using the awesome pet friendly amenities at The Park. We hope you use these tips for keep your pet cool at The Park.