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  • 3 Tips For Maximizing Space at The Park

    6 Jul 2018

    No matter what size apartment you have, maximizing space can make your home more comfortable. From your closet to your kitchen, there’s most likely opportunities to gain more space. Try out these tips for maximizing space for your home at The Park. You just might be surprised by the amount of space you save.

    Multipurpose Furniture

    Furniture doesn’t have to meet just one specific need. Think outside the box when purchasing furniture and consider how many functions it can serve. For example, choose an ottoman that opens for storage and can also be used as a table. You’ve not only created a way to declutter a room and add additional seating/comfort, but you no longer need a coffee table.

    Use Vertical Space

    The best way to maximize space is to think vertically. Try stacking items when possible or purchasing shelving that extends vertically. Modular shelving is great for any room and can also be decorative while functional. Add baskets or decorative inserts to maximize your shelving space and hide any items that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Modular shelving is great for TV units and additions to desks.

    Organize Closets

    When you have organized closets you open more room for storage. If you have limited storage space, this can be the most important tip. For an organized closet try using storage baskets to hold items that can’t hang and avoid any loose items. Again, use your vertical space by adding hooks to hang accessories like belts and scarves. You can find hanging organizers that work great for maximizing space for bulkier clothing, shoes, purses, etc.

    Nothing feels better than an organized and decluttered home. With these tips you can open up space for more storage or simply just creating a more comfortable room. We hope you’re able to incorporate these tips for maximizing space at The Park.